Winter in Nepal: The Pros and Cons of Off Season

Winter in Nepal seems to be a time
Treks in Indiaof year that few vacationers go to. Probably due to the fact no person without a doubt knows what to anticipate. Although I bitch approximately the bloodless continuously inside the winter, it has a few advantages. Peak season in Nepal most effective has a small window inclusive of October, November, March, and April. But that doesn’t suggest you shouldn’t go to Nepal inside the wintry weather. Here’s the pros and cons from someone who has spent every month.

When is Winter in Nepal?
Winter commonly starts in December and leads to February. January is the coldest month of the year with an average temperature of 35-64 F (2-16 C)

Michelle Della Giovanna from Full Time Explorer sits consuming a cup of coffee whilst watching the dawn in Nagarkot
Cons of Winter in Nepal
It’s Cold
Well let’s begin with the obvious. Winter is bloodless. Yup, I said it. Here’s the thing… a variety of locations in Nepal do now not have warmth. I stay in Myrtle Beach half the 12 months, and oddly, it has a comparable temperature to Kathmandu within the winter. I’m not often bloodless in Myrtle Beach due to the fact we’ve warmth. We have warmth in motors and in homes and in stores. There’s no warmth in Nepal. Actually, that’s not genuine. If you’ve got an amazing finances you may get a totally at ease heated room in a completely quality resort. But, if you’re on a budget like me and also you stay in dorms, homestays, or a nearby apartment, you’ll possibly be freezing allllll the time. I feel just like the maximum commonplace words that come out of my mouth in Nepal in wintry weather are “I’m cold.”

Limited High Altitude Trekking
Due to excessive volumes of snow, white out conditions, and blizzards, it is able to be very difficult to trek in Nepal in the iciness. I wouldn’t advise it, nor would I do it myself. Even in case you do plan to trek in winter, your plans might also get canceled since the authorities closes positive components of trails whilst the situations are awful. If you intend to trek within the wintry weather, please don’t be silly. Hire a guide who is aware of what they’re doing.

With the cold comes the snow, and with an excessive amount of snow comes avalanches. I become lucky to peer one from some distance enough away that I changed into safe, however close enough to recognize that I in no way need to be too close. Avalanches are stunning and terrifying. Luckily, they most effective appear in the mountains. In America, it’s a popular belief that all of Nepal gets snow, however it’s similar to the U.S. As some distance as having several one-of-a-kind climates. It doesn’t snow in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini, or Chitwan.

A view of Bhaktapur from above on a clean day within the winter in Nepal
Pros of Winter in Nepal
Amazing Wildlife
Winter is the satisfactory time of the 12 months to peer flora and fauna in Nepal. Areas like Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park obtain very little rain inside the iciness. No rain way that the animals should come to the river to drink. The local publications music the animals and realize wherein they’re most likely to hang out, so it’s much less difficult to peer a Bengal Tiger or Greater One-Horned Rhino for the duration of the winter. I foolishly went in monsoon season, so I’m definitely looking forward to doing a safari this iciness!

Exploring the Terai
I generally tend to avoid the Terai like the plague maximum months. The Terai consists of popular areas like Lumbini, Chitwan National Park, and Bardia National Park. Most of the year, it’s so warm which you don’t even need to take the power to blink. In the iciness, it’s clearly stunning. This is the best time to head discover the birthplace of Buddha and spot the many temples of Lumbini. You can do flora and fauna safaris inside the countrywide parks, pass kayaking, or pass chicken looking. Just due to the fact hiking trails are tough doesn’t mean that there’s not anything to do.

No Crowds
The first-rate a part of wintry weather is that there are no crowds. The traveller hub of Kathmandu is referred to as Thamel (suppose Times Square in New York however much less obnoxious). Even Thamel is void of vacationers in the iciness. I’ve gone weeks without seeing some other foreigner. It’s one of these high-quality time to see the united states of america and get a real nearby vibe. Winter, in my opinion, is the exceptional time to peer the united states of america in an true way.

Clear Skies
Winter is understood for lovely clean skies. For some purpose, the smog that appears to settle round Nepal disappears inside the wintry weather. The air feels cleaner and fresher. Sunrises are stunning, and there’s rarely clouds or rain. It’s notable if you’re willing to place up with the cold. And did I point out, I even have pictures of the Himalayas from Kathmandu! Before spending a wintry weather in Nepal, I had no idea you could see the mountains from the metropolis middle. They had been always behind clouds. I went up to my fiancés roof to do the laundry (which I’d carried out tons of times earlier than) and bam! There they have been.

Perfect Photography
Most of my favorite images have been taken among the stop of November and the end of January. There are so few people round and the views are extraordinary. During height season, you need to awaken early to get to places earlier than the crowds. I visited Bhaktapur in January and even within the middle of the day, my images of the maximum popular temple haven’t any one in them. It’s so quality for you to take pix with out cropping people out of them.

Low Altitude Trekking
Low altitude trekking is super in wintry weather. The temperature throughout the day isn’t too hot so it’s cozy to stroll around without sweating. It nevertheless receives bloodless at night time, however decrease altitude treks normally have nicer resorts with an alternative for rooms with warmness. The cool component is which you received’t see another travelers. We did the Kathmandu Valley Trek in January and only saw a handful of different vacationers despite the fact that we passed through towns at the way.

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